Animal Slavery: Understanding The Power Of Terminology

Although the moral and ethical standards of society have changed tremendously in the past hundred years, many groups insist that we have a long way to go before we reach true fairness and egalitarianism. Groups and individuals that want to reduce (if not eliminate) animal cruelty are a fine example. Their cause is a just one, but they considerable challenges in attracting the attention and thought that their issues deserve. This may be why the term “animal slavery” (with all of its troubling implications) is cropping up more and more frequently in their rhetoric.

cruelty to animals

A Historical Perspective


It’s always important to bear in mind that one of the attributes of human slavery that were most loathsome – one of the key factors in getting it abolished, in fact – was that it treated human beings no different than livestock. Slaves have no right of self-determination; they are not allowed to choose their own course in life. In many historical cases, even a slave’s family life was at the mercy of his or her owners. Compliance with an owner’s desires is enforced by the threat – and very often, the reality – of force.


When abolitionists crusaded to make human slavery illegal, they concentrated on informing the general public about the worst abuses of the system, emphasizing how it inherently dehumanized slaves and set them equal to animals: Nothing more than property to be manipulated according to its owner’s whim.


The Modern Usage Of The Term “Animal Slavery”


Today animal slavery is a term that sees rather frequent use among the vegan and anti-animal-exploitation communities. Most of the people who use the phrase do so with the intention of provoking controversy by reversing the historical equation of slaves and livestock. By emphasizing that the suffering inflicted on livestock can be as harsh as that suffered by slaves, they hope to advance the opinion that the suffering itself makes its infliction immoral.


This is a strategy that’s both risky and effective. On the one hand, it easily attracts cries of insensitivity from those whose ancestors have experienced the effects of enslavement at first hand. To co-opt their history into the debate over animal rights is, in the opinion of some, to belittle it.


On the other hand, a direct and more sensitive comparison between human and animal suffering is exactly what animal rights activists are looking for. Invoking the image of human slavery (shocking as it is) can bring much-needed attention to the very real suffering that animals in many industries are subjected to.


Why You Need To Exercise Caution


As noted above, raising the specter of comparison to human slavery is an extremely provocative act. Activists who choose to use the term animal slavery are walking a tightrope whether they want to or not. To employ the words casually or confrontationally is to attract the wrong sort of attention; this ends up hurting the animal rights activist’s cause rather than helping it.


A more open, gradual, and even-handed raising of the question — Why is suffering less immoral when it’s an animal that’s hurting — is a better way to introduce the powerful idea of slavery and its injustice to the animal rights debate. Inviting someone to consider the plight of abused animals and pointing out how similar to human slavery their situation is may help change minds and win more supporters.



In the end, exploring the similarities of animal cruelty and human slavery can be extremely fruitful for activists who want to discourage the use of animal products. They have to resist the temptation to push for maximum provocation by using the term “animal cruelty” as a confrontational declaration. It is the discussion of the issue, rather than one of its possible conclusions, that will help the cause of the activists.

Why Choosing Pets For Adoption From A Shelter or Animal Rescue Is The Best Decision You Could Ever Make!

Pet adoption is one of the best ways to find a new furry friend. It is the process of taking responsibility and guardianship for an animal who was released or abandoned to a rescue organization or a shelter. The most common sources for adoptable animals are rescue groups and animal shelters. It is also possible to adopt an animal online. Most rescue groups and animal shelters have a web presence these days where they post pictures and biographies of pets for adoption. The websites link to extensive databases of animals, often located in many different locations. The databases are usually searchable by the public.

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Pet Shelters And Animal Rescue


Animals will be brought to pet shelters for many different reasons. The same holds true for animal rescues. Some are found loose and often do not have identification. In a shelter, they will typically be held for a certain number of days before being released for adoption so that the rightful owner may claim them. With an animal rescue, the animals may be turned in or pulled from a dangerous situation. They often need to be restored to good health before they may be adopted. Some pets are pulled from their current owners because of abuse or neglect. Another way animals can end up in shelters and animal rescues are as a result of backyard breeders. These people produce more dogs than they can sell and often, these excess animals will be turned into a shelter or taken in by an animal rescue.


Sometimes a pet is turned into a shelter because the owner has died. If there are no family members or friends willing to take the animal, it may be sent to a shelter. Another reason for an animal to be released to a shelter is a change in circumstances for the owner. Living arrangements or the financial situation may change forcing the owner to release their pet. An owner may also have second thoughts about pet ownership after spending some time with the pet. Pets for adoption will often be the result of an owner discovering they do not want the responsibilities or the work associated with pet ownership. There are times when a pet owner’s health declines and they are no longer capable of caring for their pet. Or the pet may have health issues that the owner either cannot or is not willing to address.


At times, a pet may simply be lost and when discovered, is taken to a pet shelter. If the animal has no identification tags or is not microchipped, the shelter has no means of finding the owner, so the animal remains at the shelter and eventually is placed for adoption. Another frequent reason for a pet to be placed in a shelter is they are a “practice baby”. This term refers to pets who are adopted, but when the couple separates or has a baby, they turn over their pet to a shelter since they no longer have the inclination or the time to take care of their pet. Even with all of these possible pets for adoption, if you need another reason, read on.


Why Adopt A Pet


While it is always the right thing to do, this may not be enough to convince some to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. There are some very good reasons to adopt from a shelter or animal rescue, besides being the right thing to do.


Save A Life


There are an estimated 2.7 million animals euthanized every year. This is because there are just too many animals waiting in shelters and not enough people to adopt. If you or others adopt, you help to save the life of that animal. The number of animals euthanized every year could be drastically reduced if more people adopted from shelters and animal rescue organizations.


You Will Get A Great Animal


When you visit an animal shelter or a rescue group, you will find happy, healthy pets who only want someone to adopt them and give them a home. Most of the animals in a shelter or animal rescue are there because something was wrong with their human. This may have been a divorce or abuse, but not something the animal did wrong.


It Is A Great Bargain


Compared to the price of a registered breed, not to mention the frequent health issues, adopting from a shelter or rescue organization is a great bargain. Additionally, most shelters and rescue organizations have already sterilized the pet, given it the required vaccinations, and may have also micro chipped it.


NO matter if you want a cat, dog, or even a rabbit, you can find your best furry friend at an animal shelter or an animal rescue. These groups are dedicated to finding homes for their pets for adoption and when you adopt from them, you are saving a life.

Can Pets Travel Internationally With You On Vacation?

pet dog travel tips

If you do a lot of traveling, and you have a dog that you would like to bring with or even a cat, it is possible to do so. It just depends on what type of traveling you are going to do, and what country you happen to be visiting, in regard to whether your pet can come along. There is a lot of planning the must be done prior to leaving, something that almost always begins with contacting the airline. Likewise, some countries do not allow foreign animals to come in, so you will have to do research on what type of animals, if any, can come with you as you journey to another country.

Why You Need To Do This Research In Advance


You must first think of a nightmarish scene where you are standing at customs, unable to take your pet into the country that you have just flown to. You could also imagine bringing your pet with you, only to be told by the airline that they cannot be checked into the plane. Even worse, you may find that your paperwork is not up to date, all because you did not go to a veterinarian before leaving. These are just some of the things that you need to consider before planning a trip with your pet, and here is what you need to do to make sure all goes well.

Look At The Customs Laws For Each Country


What most people will begin with is looking at are the customs laws of each country. You have to know if it is possible to take an animal from your country into another. Even if an airline does allow you to bring animals with you, there is always the possibility that just because they can land in a country, it doesn’t mean that pets are welcome. There are many stories that are very frightening such as dogs being quarantined and kept from their owners for several months. That does not always happen, but to prevent the possibility, check the customs laws first.

Make Sure Your Dog Goes To The That First


If it is permissible to bring a dog, cat or another animal with you, the next step of the process is to take them to the vet to get vaccinations. For example, if your dog has not been vaccinated in many years, it is almost always required to have recent vaccinations. This paperwork must be displayed or else you will not be able to take your dog with you on your trip. It is also important to have a note personally written, in some cases, by your veterinarian stating that they have indeed examined the dog, and have also provided vaccinations, making sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork.

Check With The Airline


The final step of the process, although some people will do this first, is to check with the airline to see if they allow pets. Some of them are too small, especially if you are landing in a large country, only to travel to a smaller one, and they do not accommodate pets of any kind. Therefore, check with the international flight first, and if they have no problem, then check with your connecting flights to see if it is allowed. If not, you might have to fly back home with your pet, or you will have to leave them for however long you are on vacation which is usually something that people will not do.


Once you have all of the necessary paperwork, and you have checked with customs and the airline, you are ready to take a trip with your pet. There is always the possibility something could go wrong, or you looked up the wrong information, so keep that in mind as you are traveling. Once you do get to your destination and your pet is safe, you can check into your hotel or go visit your friends. It is a lot of work to get your pet ready for a flight to a different country, but in most cases it is possible for everyone that once to bring their pet along with them to travel to a remote location.

How Do You Care For Your Pet? Tips For New Pet Owners

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Becoming a pet owner is extremely exciting. Whether you adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or lizard, agreeing to provide care and nourishment for an animal is a lifelong commitment. In return, they will reward you with unconditional love and loyalty. In order to ensure that your pet lives a healthy, happy life, it is important to learn how to properly care for them.


Every type of pet requires different care. For instance, taking care of a dog is far different than taking care of a cat. All animals have some basic needs including food, water, and shelter. However, the way that you go about providing for these needs differs from one animal species to the next. The more research you can do on how to properly care for whatever type of animal you have adopted, the longer they will live in the healthier they will remain.


So, how do you care for your pet? A good place to start is by taking your pet to the veterinarian for their first checkup. During this appointment, your vet will give them a thorough exam and provide them with any vaccinations that they may need. They can also help answer your questions in terms of how much food your pet should eat, what type of food they should eat, how often you should feed them, how much exercise they need, and what type of shelter you should provide for them.


The best part about getting this information from your vet is that you know it is trustworthy. Additionally, your pet will be introduced to the vet’s office early on in their life, which may make it less stressful for them to go to the vet later on as they get older.


The Internet can also be a fantastic resource for learning how to take care of your pet. There are countless different resources available for pet owners of all kinds. For instance, you can find helpful online videos that outline everything from feeding and nutrition to proper medical care in a way that is easy to understand and digest.


Additionally, there are many different websites that are run by animal welfare organizations or veterinarians that can provide in-depth information on how best to care for your pet. The key to getting the most out of these types of resources lies in making sure that you only use information from trustworthy sources. That means that you shouldn’t take advice from a blogger that you have never heard of or from some random person on a forum. Instead, you should always check the credentials of the person who has written an article or produced a video to make sure that they are really qualified to provide advice.


Typically, your best bet is to stick to information that is provided by licensed veterinarians, vet techs, or organizations that work with animals on a regular basis. These tend to be the most reliable sources of information.


If you are a new pet owner and are wondering how to care for your pet, a good starting point is to talk to your veterinarian for advice. Once you do that, you can also find further information by using the Internet. As long as you stick with reliable sources and always check the credentials of anyone who is providing online advice, you should be able to learn just about anything you need to know about caring for your pet. By doing so, you can become a better pet owner, giving the animal you adopt the best possible chance at a healthy, happy life.

4 Common Diseases Of Puppies And Dogs

Dogs at the backyard

Do you have a dog or a puppy? If you do, you should learn about some of the most common diseases of dogs and puppies. With that said, below are some of the most common diseases that affect dogs and puppies.


  1. Parvovirus- This illness can affect both puppies and adult dogs, and it is contagious. Parvovirus is transmitted via unvaccinated dogs and bodily secretions. What you want to do is keep an eye out for symptoms that include fever, vomiting, and diarrhea that is accompanied by blood. Another symptom is your dog will feel weak and become dehydrated.

    As for treatment, the best form of preventative treatment is vaccinating against the illness. If your dog has not been vaccinated, then bring them to the hospital, which is where they will likely receive IV fluids, and they may also be given antibiotics. It may take up to a week for your dog or puppy to make a recovery from the Parvovirus.


  1. Canine Distemper- This is a disease that can be prevented by getting your dog vaccinated against it. Six to eight weeks is when the first vaccination takes place and then it is given again after 9 weeks. If you want to get your dog vaccinated against distemper, then contact your dog’s veterinarian.

    Some of the symptoms associated with canine distemper include sneezing and eye discharge, which is why it’s easy to think a dog has a common cold instead of distemper. Distemper can eventually turn into pneumonia, and dogs may become depressed and have a high fever when they have canine distemper. Also, if your puppy has distemper and they survive it, it can stay within your puppy’s system and breakout when they are older.


  1. Kennel Cough- One of the most common diseases in dogs is a kennel cough, which is caused by bacterial infection or caused by parainfluenza. Kennel cough is highly infectious and dogs that are not in kennels can get it. Puppies who are 6-8 weeks old can receive a vaccination against a kennel cough, and then 6-12 months after that they continue to receive the vaccination. However, vaccination does not mean dogs will not get the disease, but the symptoms they may experience with a kennel cough should be milder.

    Kennel cough’s symptoms include a decreased appetite and lethargy, as well as fever. Puppies may develop a very deep cough. Kennel cough should be treated as soon as possible because if your dog isn’t treated, then they may develop pneumonia. It can take around two weeks for a kennel cough to run its course.


  1. Leptospirosis- This disease affects the liver and kidneys and can be transmitted via infected urine and contaminated water. Symptoms associated with this disease are similar to the symptoms associated with the flu. These symptoms include a high fever, vomiting, and lethargy.

    Your puppy can receive a vaccination for this disease, but if your dog does get it, then they can be treated with antibiotics. Just keep in mind that not all veterinarians and clinics offer vaccinations. Antibiotics may be given to your dog for a period of four weeks or more. The length of time your dog will take antibiotics depends on how severe the disease is.


Keep in mind that the above are only a few diseases that can affect puppies and dogs. However, they are some of the most common ones. The important thing is to get your puppy or dog to a veterinarian as soon as you suspect they have a disease, even if they are only exhibiting mild symptoms. A veterinarian will be able to tell if your dog is sick with a serious disease or if it’s something you don’t really need to worry about.

Helpful Cleaning Tips For Pet Lovers

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Everyone loves pets but it won’t be wrong to say that it’s not easy to clean the mess they leave around the house. Some of the things that are not easy to clean include pet hair, pet urine, and pet poop among others. If you have been struggling to keep your house clean, here are a few cleaning tips for pet lovers like you to help you in keeping your home clean.


One of the biggest problems with having pets in the house is that the house is full of pet hair. It is one of the most persistent problems faced by most of the pet owners in their house. It is especially true in cases of dogs. Therefore, it is more important to manage the hair of your pet instead of trying to clean it later.


One of the best ways to manage the hair of your pet is to place a cloth or to dwel over the place where the pets like to rest. This will help you in saving your carpets as well as a floor from being full of pet hair. Also, if you feel that your pet is losing a lot more hair than normal, take your pet to the vet and make sure that all the problems are taken care of.


Another important tip to help you keep your house clean is to get rid of pet stains immediately. One of the biggest problems faced by pet owners when it comes to pet vomit and urine is that these can result in lasting stains on carpets, rugs, and floors among other things. Therefore, it is extremely important to get rid of the stains as soon as possible.


Do not forget that the best way to remove stains immediately is to blot instead of rubbing. When you rub the stains, you push them deeper into the fibers in carpets or rugs. On the other hand, blotting prevents stains from getting deeper into the fibers. You may also use club soda, hydrogen peroxide or various other cleaning solutions to get rid of stains. Additionally, there are a number of natural cleaning solutions available online that can help you in getting rid of stains immediately.


Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that when pets come home from outside, they also bring a lot of mud and dirt inside the house. Therefore, the best way to avoid getting mud and dirt in the house is to train the pets to wait on the doormat where you remove soil from their paws before letting them into the house.


Always make sure that you are never short of cleaning supplies in your house. You never know what kind of cleaning supply you may need when you have pets in your house. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and have a healthy stock of various cleaning items in your house to ensure that you are always ready to take care of al kinds of cleaning needs. Experts also recommend taking your pet to the shops where professionals clean the dirt on your pets in a professional manner and make sure that your home does not get dirty.


Overall, these are some of the cleaning tips to help you keep your house clean from the mess created by pets.

Common Psychological Facts Or Traits Related To Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers and Dog Parents

If you are a dog lover, a person that must have your favorite canine with you at all times, the way that your brain operates from a psychological perspective is going to be vastly different from people that either loves other animals or really have no purpose for animals in their life at all. Part of that psychology has to do with needing some kind of companionship, preferably one that is loyal and nonjudgmental area dogs are considered to be the proverbial best friend of mankind, primarily because of how their loyalty and devotion to their owners is representative of what people are looking for in a relationship. Here are some other common psychological traits related to dog lovers that you might recognize with your own personality if you also have a favorite canine that you cannot do without.

Confidence And Self-Esteem

People that are dog lovers tend to have quite a bit of confidence as long as they are able to interact with their favorite pet. They identify the relationship with their animal as a source of their own self-esteem. If you have ever had a dog before, you are probably aware of how different you are when your animal is with you, and when you are alone. It is similar to having a human friend that you can confide in, and that you can trust with your deepest secrets, allowing you to be more like your true self than at any other time. Part of the reason that a relationship between a dog and a human works so well is that dogs are actually social creatures. If you think about how they interact with each other in the wild, forming a pack, it is this desire for symbiosis that makes them want to be obedient, perceiving you as the pack master. In this way, both of you help each other maintain high levels of confidence and self-esteem. Since all dogs are controlled by three essential drives which include defense, hunting prey, and participating within a pack, these will all work to your advantage as they will want to make you happy, and in doing so, your confidence and self-esteem will be maintained.

Empathy And Emotions

Two other traits that are often seen with a dog owner is that they tend to have more empathy than most people, and they are directly tied to their emotions. For example, a person that does not have a dog may not be that empathetic toward the feelings of others, developing a more self-centered type of personality. However, if they have a dog, they will be empathetic to the needs of others just as they are always concerned about the needs of their favorite canine. This is a psychological trait that seems to exist with all people who love animals but seems to be amplified with dog owners. Additionally, this will also allow the human to become more emotional, or at least in touch with that emotional side that we all have simply because the dog will bring out the best in a human being in terms of emotions related to positive thinking. Psychologically, your emotions play a large role in the way that you are able to process information, interact with others, and also helps determine the way that you see yourself. The combination of all of these factors are wrapped up in your relationship with a dog, and empathy and heightened awareness of your emotions are a byproduct of developing a strong bond with the canine species.

After you have had a dog for quite some time, you may not notice that you have changed. The way that you are designed, at least psychologically, can be manipulated and changed by a relationship with a dog. You will find that you are much more confident when they are around, that you are more empathetic, and that your ability to feel good about yourself will be at a much more heightened state. Best of all, people that have dogs are going to shift from an analytical way of processing life to one that is more based upon emotions, allowing them to perhaps improve their own relationships with other human beings in a positive way.

A Guide To Pet Rescue

adopt a pet

Finding Emergency Pet Rescue

When you need to be sure that you are able to get a dog, cat or other pet that will help you out, you will be able to do so when you stop by a pet rescue shelter. This is one of the best ways possible to take in a new pet, because you are also saving the life of an animal. There are a number of tips that will help you to make the most of this pet rescue opportunity, so that you are able to go home with the dog or cat that you are looking to add to your home.

#1: Give Your Pet Time To Adjust To Their New Surroundings

When you want to be sure that your pet is able to grow comfortable inside of your home, you need to give them time to get used to their surroundings. This means that you should take the animal to the area where they will be sleeping and eating and leave them alone for a while. You may feel inclined to go run in and to play with them or invite friends over. Instead, you should allow your pet all the time that they need to explore and get to know their new home. Depending on your situation, this may take a while, so do not rush the process.

#2: Start House Breaking Immediately

It is critical that you begin the housebreaking process as soon as you can. The sooner you get started, the sooner your pet will be able to pick it up. If you are too lenient in the beginning or do not tackle it all at once, your pet will continuously soil your carpet and home. Set a strict schedule to take them outside and stick to it. Make sure you also walk them every morning and give them outside time before going to bed. The more consistent you are with this, the better chance you will have to successfully housebreak your pet.

#3: Keep Them Up To Date On Their Shots

You need to be sure that you also keep your pet up to date with all of their veterinary visits. Most importantly, be sure that you give them all of the shots that they need in order to remain vaccinated. This will provide the opportunity to make sure that your dog is always looked after with all of their health as they grow and develop. These vaccinations keep your dogs or cats from succumbing to or developing the most common issues that pets can develop throughout the course of their lives.

Do your part to make sure that you are able to save a pet that was rescued. This will allow you to do all that you can in order to keep them healthy and happy when you take them in. This is a challenge that is well worth it and for a good cause, so do all that you can to help a pet.

Pet Lovers Animal Clinic Help Can Be Found

 veterinarian surgeon worker treating labrador dog in veterinary surgery clinic

It’s always a good idea to learn where to find a Pet Lovers animal clinic in your area. So, if there’s a problem with your pet, it can be cared for quickly. There are many ways to get treatment for your pet animal in most cities. Here’s a little more information to assist you.

A good animal clinic has to be set up for emergency cases or at least able to assist you quickly. Sometimes you just can’t wait to get help. You’ll also find it difficult to call someone who can help you because you’re shaken up. That’s why you should look around for animal clinic in nearby places. This way, you can get there immediately in case your pet has a problem. The clinic should have qualified vets to check your pet’s situation and give you advice. It should also cater you during emergencies so you’re not stuck with a hurt pet over a long weekend.

The best pet clinic that you must utilize should have a good standing reputation from its previous clients. It’s not advisable to consult somewhere that is known to be a terrible place for pets and you won’t likely get help. You should also try to avoid places where you can end up having a problem with paying far too much money for the services you’re getting. This shouldn’t be something that people make a ton of money off of. It is because pet care isn’t terribly expensive unless it’s a surgery or a very complicated matter.

See if there’s a way you can work out a payment plan if you have an emergency and you are short of money. That way, you won’t have to get a loan out or anything. These days it’s very rare to find someone whom you can ask for financial help and then pay them back later. You cannot also find an animal clinic where you can utilise their service now and pay later. They depend on that payment though to sustain their business. So, make sure you do make an effort to pay. Otherwise, you may not be able to go back in there clinic and use their services.

Animals are going to be easier to treat. This is especially true if you take them to the clinic on a regular basis for checkups at the very least. A lot of people tend to forget about this because they’re busy. But if you can add that to your schedule every month or two, then you can alleviate problems before they get worse. When you think about how much complicated pet problems are to solve, it just makes sense to have your pet its regular checkups. Doing this makes you far less likely to have to deal with issues that require more than just a check-up. Mind you, even basic remedy would have its cost.

When you’re able to find a Pet Lovers animal clinic to work with, it’s going to be a lot easier to begin benefiting from their services. Instead of rushing around at the last minute, you can get your pet’s needs cared for quickly and effectively by qualified personnel.

Giver Your Dog A Trim With Pet Lovers Dog Grooming

Dog grooming. Combing beard of Yorkshire Terrier

When your dog needs a haircut, take him to Pet Lovers dog grooming. In no time your dog will get rid of its messy coat and will have a sleek new look once again. The shedding will decrease and your home will look cleaner as well. If you have allergies they will get better too. Grooming your dog on a regular basis has indeed so many healthy benefits for both you and your dog.

The key is to find a good groomer. Some groomers don’t spend enough time with the animals and they end up not getting the best care that they need. Their coats will still look messy and the hair is falling out all over the place. However, with a good groomer, your pet will have that clean and well-groomed look that you want it to have. Most importantly, your home will stay cleaner.

The groomers at Pet Lovers dog grooming are all trained and highly skilled. They are kind and patient with pet dogs. They will make the effort to learn your dog’s name and befriend it. They will learn your name as well. You can count on them to give the best care for your dogs and leave their coats shiny and fresh.

You can set up an appointment at any time and the prices are affordable too. Your dog will certainly look great after he is being groomed and he will love the experience as well. Dog grooming is good for the health of your dog. It helps to cut down skin irritation and prevent dander.

The groomer will start out by giving your dog a calming bath. All the dirt will come out of the dog’s hair and the dander as well. Once all the dirt and dander is out, the groomer will dry off your dog and then give it a haircut. You can have your dog’s fur trimmed, you can have it shaved or even cut into a pattern.

The groomer can give you suggestions about what is going to look best with your dog’s hair. Once your dog’s hair is styled, your dog will be ready to go home. The rates are affordable and the results are totally worth it. Your dog is going to look great as soon as the grooming is finished.

Your dog needs regular trims and an experienced groomer is going to ensure the best grooming experience for your dog. So, you should trust your dog to Pet lovers dog grooming to give it the perfect and healthy trim.

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